Friday, August 19, 2016

Facebook Spouse Thing

I've already been tagged twice in this Facebook challenge of posting pictures of me and the Bo Hunkmeister so I guess that must be a sign to go gather up some pictures. But I'm way too lazy/forgetful to post one a day for seven days in a row so I'm putting them all here.

I've already written about how we met here, but no photo collection of us as a couple would be complete without the original Spaghetti Dinner invitation where we met.

This is our wedding photo. I think the frame was a wedding gift from my brother's friend, Steve Schwartz. The guy behind me is my man of honor, Matt Bender. If anyone knows where he is, tell him I said hey. Bo's best man was his college room mate, Lewis Roane, the very first one to break Bo of some of his only child habits. You're a good man Lewis.

I like this photo of the wedding. It was a casual affair at a restaurant. 

I think this was taken on a trip to Vermont. We were trying to take a selfie in the early 90's without a smart phone. The struggle was real, people.

We asked a photographer friend to take some photos for us before we had the kids.  This photo now hangs upstairs in our house. The kids look at it and say, "Who's that guy you're with, Mom?!?" 

Fast forward many years and many children...We went to see comedian Tim Hawkins and were not satisfied to take the usual meet and greet pictures. Tim doesn't seem to mind, though.

This was taken last year at Mystic Seaport. We've taken up pirate re-enactment for the purpose of education, dramatic displays, parades and general purpose fun. A couple that pillages together, stays together, right?

So what's the next Facebook Challenge?