Tuesday, August 23, 2011

How to Make StroopWafels


for the cookie:
4 cups all purpose flour
½ teaspoon salt
2 teaspoon cinnamon
½ cup sugar
1 cup butter (2 sticks)
2 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla
½ cup warm water
2 teaspoons yeast

for the syrup:
1 cup butter (2 sticks)
1 ½ light brown sugar
6 tablespoons corn syrup

pizzelle/ice cream cone maker
stand mixer (optional)

  1. Become friendly with your Dutch neighbor. Be so neighborly that she returns from her visits to Holland with “a little something called Stroopwafels”
  2. Become immediately infatuated with these little morsels of heaven on earth.
  3. Lament the fact that your other neighbor found some at Aldi’s, but Aldi’s stopped carrying them by the time you got there. Find some at Starbucks and preach a small sermon about why you shouldn’t have to pay so much money at Starbucks for such an simple cookie.
  4. Obsess with your other neighbor about how to purchase/make/otherwise acquire Stroopwafels. Meanwhile, continue to ingratiate yourself to the Dutch neighbor so she will keep your supply of Stroopwafels going.
  5. Go on an anniversary trip with your husband that involves going to many yard sales. Ignore all the comments about, “Really? That’s the most romantic thing you guys could think of?”
  6. Find a pizzelle maker for $2 and literally see the culinary possibilities unfurl before your eyes. Race home to try that bad boy out.
  7. To make the cookie dough, stir yeast into ½ cup warm water.
  8. When yeast dissolves, mix with eggs, sugar and vanilla.
  9. Mix flour, salt and cinnamon in a bowl. Cut in butter as you would with a pie crust. Realize how much better this will be than pie crust.
  10. Attach dough hook to stand mixer. Praise God for the 4,567th time for the woman who sold it to you for $10.
  11. With flour in bowl, mix in egg/yeast mixture and put mixer on kneading speed until cohesive ball is formed.
  12. Realize that the dough hook is still hitting the bottom of the bowl. Curse yourself that you still haven’t looked on the internet about how to fix this, yet you’ve been able to check Facebook 354 times per day.
  13. Let dough rest in greased bowl for 1 hour (it will not rise much). Become too impatient to wait and cut the time to 30 minutes.
  14. Melt butter in sauce pan. Add brown sugar and corn syrup. Stirring frequently, heat to 220 degrees.
  15. Consider that if you could figure out how to make chocolate Stroopwafels, your dreams for world domination would finally be realized.
  16. Place bouncy ball size bits of dough on pizzelle maker. Take off when toasty brown and immediately cut cookies in half using serrated knife.
  17. Place 1 tbl of syrup on center of one cut cookie and place top on, pressing down to spread syrup. Say a few choice words after you burn yourself on hot syrup and wonder how the Dutch manage to not burn their fingers. Gain an understanding of why these little bundles of joy cost so much at Starbucks.
  18. Repeat steps 16 and 17 until dough is used up.
  19. Wonder how pathetic you might look if you eat syrup drippings directly off the stove. Resolve to do it while children are not looking.
  20. Share cookies with Dutch neighbor who pronounces it good. Share cookies with other neighbor who squeals with delight. Plan to start cult using the Stroopwafel as a bait.

this recipe makes 7 cookies after sharing, giving some to the kids, allowing the husband a few for quality control test and eating the ‘mistakes’ (I think I originally had 4 dozen)



Kelly said...

I would like to join your cult please. Perhaps dipping these bliss cookies in chocolate would aid in your domination quest, but I'm already in.

Anonymous said...

Hello! I am having problems with the filling! Do I have to melt everything togheter (sugar, corn syrup and cinnamon) or melt the suggar first and after add the other ingredients?

The Domestic Goddess said...

Hello Annonymous,
I melt the butter. Then I add the sugar and corn syrup and cook that over medium heat until the candy thermometer reads 220 degrees. Then I add the cinnamon. Hope this helps!

JT said...

You are an awesome dessert-maker. I ended up having to hide the last couple that you sent because they were disappearing when they were out in the open. ;)

Sarah said...

Was fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to try stroopwafels when in Holland. AMAZING! Although my attempts to make them have been unsuccessful. The cookie comes out the size of a cake and after cutting them, there is only so much blood that can be passed off as food coloring. Any suggestions? BTW, love the humor! I'll join the cult.

The Domestic Goddess said...

For my pizzelle maker, I found less dough gets the desired thickness. It is difficult to cut the cookies. I use a serrated steak knife. I agree with you in that less blood in the cookie is probably better.

Anonymous said...

I've been having so much trouble making stroopwafels! My cookies aren't brown like stroopwafels and the whole thing isn't bendy/the caramel isn't stringy when you bite into it...I'll try your recipe next, but do you have any suggestions??

The Domestic Goddess said...

I've always felt that things made by other people taste better simply because I didn't have to spend the energy to make it. And I think that is the problem with stroopwafels; the package ones taste better because we didn't have to make it. They taste even better if we were given the stroopwafels as a gift!

That being said, my pizzelle maker is non-stick. Between that and the cinnamon in the dough, my stroopwafels come out reasonably toasty brown looking. I find the syrup in this recipe is good the first day, but then has a gritty consistency the next day. I don't know if it's because the homemade syrup isn't as processed or doesn't have chemicals like the manufactured ones. I might try caramelized condensed milk in the next batch.

Regardless, this recipe still comes out tasty (as in I've never had to throw out leftovers). So give it a try and good luck!

p.s. thanks for reading the blog.

Karin said...

Hi Goddess, I am from Holland and living in the States since last October. I have known stroopwafels for all my life, but never even questioned of trying to prepare them myself. I was in Holland a couple of weeks ago and brought some stroopwafels back to my (American) husband. He says that they are the best cookies he ever ate! He has only 1 left, so he is encouraging for me to prepare them at home. Still need to find a pizzelle maker, but I will try for sure! Thanks for the receipe! Like your humor.

Anonymous said...

I had the good fortune to work in Holland for 2 months and returned TOTALLY hooked on these cookies. Thanks for posting this.