Friday, June 03, 2011

Evolution of a Posse

Every Easter, after I spend all of Saturday washing and ironing clothing, we dress the kids and take a picture in front of our forsythia bush. Bo is not in the pictures because he's behind the camera wondering how many shots he needs to take before he has enough to Photoshop one good picture of all of us. Let me tell you his Photoshop skills have grown considerably. The pictures start in 2000 and go up to this year's picture. There's a few years missing because we spent Easter somewhere else. This year for my birthday, Bo put together this collage and framed it for me. We spent the better part of an evening marveling at how the kids have grown, at the progression of hand-me-downs, at who was the crab in that year's picture. Can't wait until some grandkids start joining the tradition. We might actually block out the forsythia with kids!


Kelly said...

What a good-looking crew! How is it that you are never the crab?

The Domestic Goddess said...

I'm the one saying, "Smile, or you're all in big trouble!"