Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Benefits of Being a SAHM

A friend posted an article on Crackbook FriendFace Facebook that I thought was kind of funny. It was a list of questions that help distinguish between a stay at home mom and her office bound husband. It lists the usual downsides of being at home all the time, many of which I am well acquainted with. Like the inability to finish a complete



But of course, the contrarian in me couldn't help but think of responses to the article. I proceeded to list them in the comment box when Bo Hunkmeister said it should be a blog. He mourns the fact that Facebook killed the blog by giving us all ADD. So in my attempt to regain the ability to focus on a task for more than


five minutes, I thought I would post my response here.

Benefits of being a stay at home mom:

1. I can appease my co-workers with a simple freeze pop.

I'll even let you have the blue one.

2. I can send my coworkers to their room for time out if they fuss at me.

Did I whine too much about the sales report?
3. If I need a half an hour of peace and quiet, I can turn on the TV. Can you imagine Bo at work: "Joe, you're getting on my nerves so why don't you sit down here and watch Caillou?"

4. In order to call a meeting, I don't have to deal with scheduling, sending out emails or inter-office memos. I just stand in the middle of my living room and bellow, "Everyone in here, NOW!"

5. No one tells Bo he's blessed when he's out with six of his coworkers. I go anywhere past my front door step with more than three of my kids and people look at me wide eyed and say (rather emphatically, I might add) "Are they all yours? God bless you!"

6. I make pizza for dinner, throw "Monsters Inc" on the TV, and I'm the best boss in the whole. wide. world.

7. I can eat the last piece of chocolate cake because I'm the mommy, that's why.

8. Sometimes the mood hits me and I just want to hug and cuddle one of my coworkers. I'm pretty sure Bo would be fired if he did this at his office.

Uhh, can I go back to work now Mom?

9. I can't be fired

10. I can't be outsourced

11. My coworkers can attempt to lodge a complaint about me with the Human Resources manager (a.k.a. Dad) but Human Resources knows which side of the bread the butter is on.

12. Do you have pajama Fridays where you work? Didn't think so.


By Design for Women said...


JT said...

Also, your co-workers will mature and grow up eventually, whereas mine never will.

Aletheia said...

(from DG's husband's co-worker's daughter)

Yeah, I'm not sure if my dad would be thrilled if "Bo" tried to cuddle him. He says the same thing when he works at home, though, if I hug him. "My co-workers don't hug me and bring me a sandwich."

Esther said...

You made me laugh out loud. Thank you!!