Sunday, July 11, 2010

Budding Photographer

My eldest, Princess Buttercup, got a camera for Christmas 2009, and she's been shooting pictures ever since. Good thing we live in the digital age or girlfriend would be going broke paying for all that film. It's a safe bet that she's fired off about 2,000 pictures since Christmas. That's an average of 9 pictures a day, every day.
Besides the usual daily pictures of the cat (whom she loves ) and Gummi (whom she adores), she likes to look for more unusual subjects or compositions. Here are some of my favorites:

These are chives in her garden. Her garden is one of her favorite subjects (besides Gummi and the cat).

This one she took because of the tornado shape of the cloud.

I like the dark/light thing going on here. And the plant peeking out from around the door.

I just thought this was funny. This is my friend's twins falling off some big bouncy balls.

Again, an interesting composition. Instead of shooting the hydrant straight on, she put it off to the side against a large field of green grass.

This one she calls "The Reluctant Hero." I love Gummi's expression.

In her garden again. She likes to run outside after it rains to see if there is anything interesting to shoot.

I don't know if it's my culinary sensibilities that likes this one so much. It's whipped egg whites at just the right point for folding into batter.

Another interesting composition where she doesn't just shoot the flower but shoots it against the rusty fence for a contrast.

This picture she took purposefully contrasting the marigold color to the blue sky. Clever girl, eh?

Her camera has some special effects that she likes to play with.

This was from our trip strawberry picking. We let Gummi out of the stroller and he went screaming and running down the path. You'd think we never let the kid out.

Well, thank you for letting me brag on my kid for a bit. If you want a print of any of the above, send a large iced latte and I'll see what I can do.

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GE is me said...

Dear Princess Buttercup. Keep shooting! I love the pics & the different contrasts. Start entering them in PW's photo contests~ who knows maybe you'll win a better camera. :)
I think I sense another artist in the fam. :)