Saturday, January 02, 2010

Catalog of Christmas Cookies

These are chocolate hearts with a white chocolate mint glaze. I got the chocolate heart recipe from Martha Stewart, whom I use to have a healthy disdain for until I made these cookies. Easy to make and very chocolatey. What more could you ask for?

These are Rice Krispie treats shaped into little ball ornaments.

Pecan lace cookies with an orange cream filling. I made these for my chiropractor because she rocks out loud. Unfortunately, she already has a sister with my name.

More Rice Krispie treats in fun shapes. Have I told you how much I love Rice Krispie treats? Yes? Nevermind.

Rugulach with a raspberry filling and with a cinnamon walnut filling. Because you can take the girl out of Long Island but you can't take the Long Island out of the girl.

And finally, because I just didn't have enough to do, I made a ginger bread house.

Look familiar?

Still no?

How about now?

Here's my kids hepped up on candy posing with their mother's latest Art-School-itis attack.

Help us prevent such foolishness. Send your cash donations (or Callebaut dark chocolate) to:
The Art School-itis Prevention Association
c/o the Domestic Goddess
1 Save Me from Myself Plaza
Hopeless, RI

p.s. anyone know of a good food stylist and photographer willing to work on the cheap, please contact me.


Mamala said...

Not that I didn't LOVE being with you Christmas and LOVED everything I ate, and not to seem like a real brat, but how come I missed those chococlate heart cookies? Really, I am grateful for ALL that you did, baked, cooked, but you know how chocholics are - never enough! Hope you can forgive me.
Love, Mamala

Aaron said...

THe house is a riot! As for the food stylist.I wonder what you are hatching hmmm... you can ask Maurenn jeanson on my FB page She has a published cook book.

MaryEllen said...

Okay, Glenn and I love the gingerbread house. As for the cookies: well executed and nicely photographed! Watch out, Pioneer Woman!

Kelly said...

Out-loud-rocker here...I would have no problem with two Dawns in the family. You can never have too many cookies - I mean sisters. Meagan's good with more cousins...we may be onto something here!

Sandy said...

can i move into your house on save-me-from-myself lane? i feel your pain.... so does my husband. ;)