Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Are You a Sixth Child?

You Might Be a Sixth Child...

If the 'five minute rule' for food on the floor has been extended to the 'five hour rule'.

If you're a boy but you're wearing a onesie that says "Daddy's Little Princess."

If everyone calls you cute little nicknames because they can't remember what your real name is.

If your mom lets you play with small Legos and sharp pencils.

If your mom lets this

happen to you.

If your car seat has been handed down more times than an English royal title.

If the response to the announcement of your conception is, "Oh, really?"

If people see you being strollered by your oldest sister and say, "My goodness, look at that poor teenage mother."

If the cat doesn't even bother to get up when he sees you crawling his way.

If your highchair consists of an inverted bucket attached to a chair with bungie cords.

If your mother's idea of starting you on solid food consisted of tossing you a bagel at four months.

If you can read for six months before your parents realize it.

If people ask, "Is he clingy?" and your mom says, "I wouldn't know."

If you parents point to your older sibling's baby picture and say, "Uh, yeah, that's you."

If your siblings frequently use you as a prop in their pretend playing.

If you frequently spend the entire day in your pajamas.

If your mom's idea of a diaper bag is a plastic grocery store bag with one diaper in it.

If your fussing doesn't stop your mom from blogging.

(with apologies to Jeff Foxworthy)


shella said...

fund the kid will need a therapy fund,! But Right on LOL about the throwing a bagel and the legos.

firoozehdumas said...

Those Weight Watchers cards and your comments had me laughing out loud. Do you mind if I post them on my Facebook account? Please email me your answer.

Firoozeh Dumas
(Thanks for reading my books, by the way!)