Monday, December 07, 2009

You're Killing Me....

There's a blog I like to frequent. It's called Pioneer Woman. I like it because it's not your usual Mommy-Blog; as in 'here's a funny thing my kids did, here's a goofy picture of the husband' or worse - 'let me give you a detailed list of what went wrong with my day!' Pioneer Woman writes about her life as a rancher's wife in Oklahoma. I'm a bit jealous because not only is she is running a household of 6, but she has time to keep up five sections on her blog, homeschool the four kids and take fabulous pictures while she's at it. If I can school the kids and take a shower in the same day, I consider myself phenomenally successful. I also really appreciate how she speaks of her husband. In this day and age where most men are spoken of as knuckledraggers or goofballs, she speaks highly of her man. Something tells me there are more babies in her future....

Anyway, my one complaint is her recipes. Take a look at this steak sandwich:

Or this onion and blue cheese sauce for a grilled rib eye steak:

Would it be pathetic to admit that I sniffed my computer screen?

This apple dumpling dessert my kids affectionately refer to as crack because it's that addictive:

Try it. You'll be calling me from rehab.

When I made this lasagna for my neighbor, she squealed. Squealed.

But the killer is this pie I made last night. Chocolate, butter, sugar and eggs. That combination is not evidence that there is a God, but that he loves us.

You're killing me, Pioneer Woman.

But my husband thanks you.


Kelly said...

I have met your kids and eaten your food; the Pioneer Woman has nothing on you!

Maria said...

So, when to you make that chocolate pie for small group? I'm drooling here.

shella said...

Um hello no links to the recipes?!!

I'll bring your tray back for a bite of that pie LOL.