Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Confession

I am normally one of those conscientious moms, concerned about the health and wellness of her family. I try to keep a close eye on the nutritional value of what I put in front of them, but today I left the res'. I fell off the wagon. I hit new levels of gastronomic lows.
And I'm confessing this here because I value the honesty in my relationship with all 429 million of you, my closest friends.

What did I do?

I ate one of these.

A Kentucky Fried Chicken "Double Down" sandwich. And I gave half to my husband. He asked, "Is this because you love me or hate me?" I said, "If I hated you, I'd give you the whole thing."

I couldn't help myself. It looked so good on TV. Yeah, I knew it was probably a heart attack waiting to happen, 2,000 calories in one sandwich, but it's fried chicken. I like fried chicken. And cheese. Well, I'm not a big fan of cheese so I'll leave that there. Special sauce? I'm always interested in what constitutes 'special sauce'. And of course, the deal maker - bacon...who doesn't love bacon? Well, vegetarians, Muslims and those abiding by Jewish dietary laws, but outside of those people, who doesn't love bacon?

So with some hard earned money, I bought a "meal" that consisted of this sandwich, a 16 oz. Pepsi and potato wedges.

the Pepsi was 200 calories
the potato wedges, 260 calories
and the sandwich, 590 calories (according to KFC)
for a grand total of 1,050 calories in one meal!

Even if you allow a generous 2,000 calories per day for your average gal, that's 50% of your daily need blown in one meal! I could eat an entire pint of Starbucks Caramel Macchiato ice cream and still not hit that many calories (no, I really, I could eat the entire pint.)

So if I'm going to blow 1,000 calories, it needs to be indulgent, succulent, worth the trip, as they say.

But this sandwich was...

it was....

remarkably mediocre

exceedingly average

astoundingly uneventful

So now I'm out $6.48 (arrgh! that's 3 Coolatas!) and I'll probably have to start mainlining statins tonight and eat salad for the next three days. But at least I know the truth now, right? Right?



Samantha said...

ewww> How could you think that looked appetizing? It looks disgusting!

JT said...

I thought this was from that food site I posted on facebook a few weeks ago. I'm really surprised they are actually marketing it. I doubt it will go national. I'm with you, it's a "try once" kinda thing.

Amy said...

Definitely load up on the fruit and vegetables to counteract all that other stuff! ;)

Amanda said...

oh my. i can't believe you ate one! LOL live and learn, eh?

Anonymous said...

This is why I live in the South...

Kelly said...

I understand the temptation to taste this monstrosity, but did you really eat half of that sandwich!? I'm impressed/disgusted!

Sandy said...

That thing is frightful ... you should have just called me. Ida talked you out of it. Gak!! (seriously, a whole pint of icecream?! holy smokes!)