Saturday, April 25, 2009

Call Me Ishmael.

Introducing our new ride. As a family of eight, no mere minivan can contain us any more (insert maniacal laughter here). So we purchased a twelve passenger Ford 350. Let me tell you how roomy it is! It's like taking your living room out for a ride. I'm looking forward to a road trip in it - North Carolina, here we come!

We bought it from the good folks at Anchor Subaru. If you're ever in need of a car, go see these guys. So far, we've purchased three cars from there (a wagon, a mini van, a maxi van). Since they don't sell school buses, I think we've reached our limit with them, which is a shame because they're exceedingly helpful and they've always given us good deals.

Originally, I thought we should name the van Ebenezer (look it up - 1 Samuel 7:12), but that would take too long to explain every time someone said "Wha??" So being the great white beast that it is, the next logical thought was calling it Moby Dick.

Which of course, having gone to art school, led to this:

Oh, Ahab, what has your fury led you to?


Amy said...

Yoy are a sick and twisted woman!!!!!!!!!!

GE is me said...

I love the smiles on the boys' faces. :) You are just not right! I knew I liked you for a reason.

c,c,n,e,g,i said...

is that tickle-me-elmo? oh, you are brilliant. i've been wondering what to do with him for years.

Steve said...


That's a riot!


Anonymous said...

I laughed so hard I fell out of my chair.

I notice a slight resemblance to an older sibling...strange facial hair...gimpy leg...crutch...hmmmm

LarryG said...

that's a great life! continue your pursuits!