Monday, February 16, 2009

These Guys

There are different names for these types of groups. Some are called bible study groups, kinships, fellowship groups, or small groups. Basically, it's a group of people that meet outside of the regular church service to do a bible study. Bo Hunkmeister and I have became part of one particular group about five years ago when we were introduced to another couple that had a lot of kids - those counter culture types! Since that time this group has evolved into about six couples and I've lost count of the number of children but it's waaay past 20. We've done bible studies, pot lucks, happy hours, the men have gone target shooting, and the ladies have done lunch numerous times. But mostly we've "done life" together. Helped each other with child care, large house projects, car problems, etc. We've gone beyond discussing news, sports and weather (mostly because some of us know nothing of sports) and have asked each other those challenging questions and supported each other through tough times.

Now when I first found out I was expecting Gummi, I was a little nervous as I had given away all my baby stuff. I know, I know, giving away all your baby stuff is a sure fire way to guarantee pregnancy. Hear me when I tell you, I had nothing for this baby but a stroller and a few blankets. But yesterday, these guys stepped up and threw me a doozy of a baby shower. Gummi now has more clothes than Paris Hilton. And even more special when you're a hormonal pregnant woman, they made all my favorite foods for me. I have never felt more blessed and humbled by the generosity shown by these guys yesterday. I'd tell my small group this in person but then I'd start crying and the other ladies would get weepy and then the guys would feel uncomfortable with all these women weeping and laughing. So I will leave it here on the blog. You guys showed Bo and me a Christ like love and we feel so blessed to be part of this group. Thank you.