Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Call To Arms!

I don't like getting political here because my ideas are usually in the minority and I'm all ready considered counter cultural enough for homeschooling my 20 kids. I'm also not one to scream and yell about what executives are getting paid because that's up to the company bean counters and shareholders to deal with. If they want to pay Joe Average one million a year to fill a fancy office, that's their prerogative because this is America and we have that freedom. However, when I heard that after recognizing the US is in a recession, signing a bail out bill in the trillions and fussing at the auto executives for flying private planes, Congress gave themselves a raise, I had to say something. After all, we, the people, are the share holders in this corporation called the USA, and while not immoral or illegal, I think it's the height of poor judgment to give yourself a raise when you know your company is in the weeds. It would be like me fussing at Bo Hunkmeister for blowing our budget and then going out to Kohl's for a new wardrobe. And none of those guys and gals on the hill are in desperate need of that raise to make next month's mortgage payment.

Now thanks to the magic of the Internet, we can have ready access to our representatives.

Here in Lil' Rhody we have:

Representative Patrick Kennedy
202-225-4911 (D.C.)
401-729-5600 (here in Pawtucket)
number for his Chief of staff, Adam Brand 202-225-4911
WTH?!? He has a chief of staff?? This implies more than one staff person!! When do I get staff?!?

Representative Jim Langevin
his Chief of Staff, Kristin Nicholson 202-225-2735
Bo Hunkmeister has been holding out on me about this staff thing!

Senator Jack Reed
Neil Campbell, Chief of Staff 202-224-4642
This guy has a media director, chief of staff AND a scheduler. Can I get a scheduler? I'm two month behind on the kid's history lessons here.

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse
Mindy Myers, Chief of Staff 202-224-2921

Go to Project Vote Smart to find your guys and give them a call or drop an e-mail. Be polite and respectful, but ask:
1. Is now a good time to give yourself a raise?
2. Where is the money coming from?
3. In light of the needs facing the average American, is this a good use of the voter's tax dollars?

I'm curious to know what they would say.

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Meg said...

When do you get staff? You are head of staff!