Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Zen Master

A conversation between Bo Hunkmeister and myself this morning:

Bo: "You look nice in that outfit."
Me: "Thanks, it's from M.E. [names changed to protect the innocent]."
Bo: "I didn't know you guys are the same size."
Me: "We are for the most part, except the pants she gave me are [sheepish grin] too small."
Bo: "She has shorter legs, that's why."

Do you see what the Zen Master has done here? He doesn't confirm my hinting at my big butt, but comes up with another perfectly plausible reason why the pants don't fit. Bo, darling, what ever mojo you got that helps you do this, I'm gonna bottle and sell!


Lori said...

Cute. :-)

You have been tagged for a meme. Hope you'll play! See my blog for details.

Justin said...

Aww, shucks.

MaryEllen said...

The man is right. Downright squat they be! (Not to mention their wimpiness from toting far fewer kids than your lovely gams.)

Amanda said...

That was pretty quick thinking on his part! ;)

Tell Justin that we missed him & Hannah at bowling today!