Friday, October 24, 2008

I Think God....

...has a sense of humor
...thinks I have the strength of four women
...thinks I have nerves of steel

Why do I know this?


(Do all ultrasound techs take such great pride in getting the best shot of baby's dinky and pointing it out? Mine did.)

Y'all can start the prayer vigil for my sanity now.

I can already tell Gummi's going to be a handful. Here he is with his butt up in the air and his legs over his face. Cirque du Soleil, anyone?


Anyway, all is well with baby and I will leave you with this parting pic.

Gummi sayz, "Get me a Latte."
Obey the Gummi.


Mamala said...

Yes, my darling, God does have a sense of humor. At least the boys will be a "matched set", an even number, there will be no "third man out".
I had trouble deciphering the pics but I trust your interpretation.
Glad you are both healthy.
Love, Mamala

Lori said...


Loved the post, I had to read it aloud to my family. :-D

God gifted YOU with the sense of humor to endure...uh, I mean ENJOY another boy! ;-)

Amanda in RI said...

Congratulations! If anyone can handle it, you can! :) What great news!

kelly said...

sense of humor...check
strength of four women...check
nerves of steel...check

It sounds like He has you pegged!


carolyn said...

so much fun to see your little one!
ours comes at the beginning of march - how about yours?
still waiting on an ultrasound though . . . . we'll see if it makes 4 boys for us too!! :)