Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sinking a Little Bit Lower

I was watching a show last night when I saw a commercial for Axe Dark Temptation Body spray. It's a new body spray for men that smells like... chocolate. According to the ad, it's supposed to make women absolutely wild about you. According to the website (which I visited in the spirit of good journalism), all us gals need is the right scent to be turned into sex crazed maniacs. I just have a few questions for the makers of this spray:

  1. Do you really think women are so shallow that all it takes to make us attracted to a guy is the whiff of chocolate? Did your momma not clue you in to what's important to a woman?
  2. Does this come with a free sample of "Have Some Character" body wash?
  3. Did "Does Not Fear Commitment" or "Respects You as A Woman" not work as a scent?
  4. Is this mistakenly giving the guy permission to continue to act like a neaderthal as long as he has a bottle of this handy?
  5. According to your website, this spray supposedly makes women between 18 (I hope) and 28 go crazy over you. Does it make women older than that laugh?
  6. What happens when the girl you're interested in decides that she's happier to just get her own bottle rather than hang out with you?
  7. When the scent fades, are we allowed to dope slap you for thinking so little of us?
  8. Can you make a scent for women that smells like "Call Me When You Can Behave Like a Real Man?"
  9. Am I being too snarky?


Lori said...

lol, I have to laugh though because one day I walked into the church office after cooking bacon and eggs for the kids. As I passed by the associate pastor, he said, "Wow, you smell great." I walked into my husbands office and he greeted me with a big sniff and, "You smell GOOOD". Since that day I have said we need to just bottle the scent of bacon to make men everywhere notice us. ;-)

So I guess I can't be too offended by the chocolate scent idea! Only the fact that apparently I am too old to be attracted by it. SNIFF. :-P

Amanda said...

LOL And to think, that after your opening statment, I was thinking, "Dang,I have got to buy some of that for Steve!" ROFLOL