Wednesday, August 06, 2008

And the Fodder Continues...

This is from the Silly Question Department:
The other day my friend "Laverne" (names have been changed to protect the silly) relayed a conversation she had with a mutual acquaintance, "Shirley." Shirley had called Laverne and asked if we were expecting again. Laverne said yes. Then Shirley asked, "Are they happy about it?"

Now that question struck me as kind of odd. First of all, why wouldn't we be happy? I'm not an unmarried teenager. I've been married 17 years and have five kids. If I'm already travlin' the big family road, why would one more be an unpleasant event? Secondly, even if I were unhappy, would I tell you? What good would it do? What would you say in response?

I think questions like this come from a society that has so divorced sex from pregnancy, that we're utterly surprised when pregnancy happens without our foreknowledge. Here's a little secret I've learned. No matter what form of birth control you use, outside of a hysterectomy, any sexual intercourse has the possibility of pregnancy. Seriously. I've known couples that, even after the husband had a vasectomy, were buying a pregnancy test.

In all honesty, we will have to get a bigger car and that has kind of bummed me out a bit (if you'd like to make a donations, make your checks out to "A New Flamin' Van for the Domestic Goddess"). But, like what I once read in a Randy Alcorn book, one person's difficulties should not diminish the value of another person's life. Basically, this pregnancy should not be any less a joyful occasion than the first child, who didn't require a new car purchase. So the long answer to Shirley's question is, yes, I am happy to be receiving a blessing and it would be great if you could be happy along with me.


geisme said...

I am happy with/for you. :)

Michele said...

Well said! :)


shella said...

Congrats! Truly!
Sorry to b e so far behind in the news! Give a call some day between eating and napping!

FWIW: God is usual y kind and you will get an opposite of "baby" not a baby 2.0 BTW What will you call him then? Baby will be reclaimed by the new one.. or we can call it newbee?
Ciao Shell