Monday, July 14, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

I'm a big fan of menu planning. Even when I'm not disciplined enough to do it all the time, I still proselytize about it. Menu planning makes the grocery shopping easier, the day goes easier, etc. Then I found this blog about menu planning and I had to jump in. If you need menu planning tips or ideas, this is definitely a good source. So here goes my plan for the week. I don't have recipe links because most of the stuff I make up as I go along.

  • Monday -Fried Rice
  • Tuesday -Cauliflower Soup (Tyler Florence's recipe)
  • Wednesday - Spaghetti
  • Thursday -Chicken Wraps
  • Friday -Salmon
  • Saturday -Pork Tacos
My challenges are:
  1. I have a big family (seven of us total)
  2. There are some picky eaters in the bunch, myself included
  3. I've a new desire to stay on budget
  4. I'm trying to get more whole grains into our diet and less meat.
Breakfasts alternate between coffee cake, scrambled eggs, baked oatmeal, steel cut oatmeal, muffins and whole wheat pancakes.
I need ideas for good, cheap, easy lunches (am I casking too much?). Mostly it's peanut butter & Fluff sandwiches, hot dogs or mac & cheese. Uh oh..... is that the Bad Mommy Police at the door?

I'm back, it wasn't the police. It was my guilty conscience.


Robin said...

You won't get lunch grief from me. I have a time getting my 4 y.o. to diversify. He'd eat PB&J for every meal.

Other things he likes for lunch...
Stuffed Eggs
Finger Plates (like cut up cheese, fruit, carrots with ranch, etc.)
Crackers with Hummus

Welcome to Menu Plan Monday.
Have a yummy week!

PlanningQueen said...

Welcome to MPM. You will find lots of inspiration for meals from the other participants. It should also really help with staying on budget.

GE is me said...

What about buying the large bag of chix nuggets @ Sam's? Or maybe you could find an easy recipe for homemade ones? Also how do the chillun's feel about lunch meats? I know you said you are trying to get more whole grains & less meats, but I know my mom used to buy the large packs of salami or bologna. Also, don't know how y'all do with left overs at your house, but if there are any divide them up. I'd probably go more towards the pbj than fluff. Yes, I really said that(it's because I want it all for me, are you kidding???). What about egg sandwiches for breakfast or lunch, or even dinner? 1 egg, scrambled omelet style, 1 piece of American cheese melted on top, between 2 pieces of toast. Or you can do just fried egg, which is leave the milk out of the scramble- I like to put mayo on this one though. Also, what about grilled cheese sandwiches? If you have a griddle that you make pancakes on, use that to make your grilled cheese on. Also, one that Jen makes for Maddie to get a little bit more nutrition in is she'll take onions & saute them, add a can of chick peas & a can of tuna fish, then throw that into your mac & cheese. It's actually pretty tasty. Lunches are tough.

kenny g said...

noodles, noodles, noodles Congee anyone?