Friday, June 13, 2008


Normally on Frump Free Fridays, I am throwing my two cents out there regarding frump fighting but today, I lay myself bare friends. Be gentle. This time, I am asking for help. ~Bo Hunkmeister looks shocked~ It's about my hair.

This is Me.

This is MyHair.

MyHair, at times, seems like a 6th child (high maintenance, can be fussy, gets in my way a lot, etc.). I have a love/hate relationship with MyHair. Bo Hunkmeister likes it. A lot. So I like it too. Yet, I don't like MyHair because it takes a good two hours to dry. MyHair is a pain to deal with during the heat of summer. MyHair gets in my face. If I pull it back so it doesn't get in my face, I get the halo of frizzies. And I won't even start on the rant about static during the winter.

My biggest issue though with MyHair, is that I've been wearing it in the same frumpy way since, oh high school. For example:

And these photos are from the past six months. There are many, many more like 'em.

Sometime, when it's too hot I put it up like this:

But that's the extent of my hair creativity. So what I need from you, my internet friends, is suggestions for change. Keep in mind, I have five active children all under the age of 10 so I need something very low maintenance. Did you get that? Very Low Maintenance. And nothing too drastic (a la Posh Spice) because I don't want Bo Hunkmeister to be mournful for weeks on end. I'm looking forward to your creative comments and extend a heartfelt advance thank you to my frump fighting sisters.

(By the way, the photos of me and MyHair were taken by my 10 year old daughter. She took some really good photos on our RV trip. If anyone is looking for a wedding photographer on the cheap, give me a call.)


Bitsy said...

For years I wore my hair the same as yours... long and all one length. But I did start to feel a bit frumpy with it. To compromise, I had my hair dresser cut long layers into it--but I kept most of the length. She also used a razor to taper it around my face. I kept it long enough around the face that it could ALL be pulled back into a functional ponytail without any hassle or effort. However, the extra shape of the layers gave me a nicer look if I wanted to take the time to style it. The best of both worlds, I thought. I've also been trying to do more interesting things with pulling it back--French twists, French braids, etc.--so it looks finished but is still out of my way.

{Karla} said...

I cut all of my hair off a couple of months ago (to chin length) and I am loving it. So freeing. There is a learning curve with it - having to relearn/unlearn taking care of it. (First time I washed it I used waaaaay too much shampoo!!)

I don't have any suggestions for you though. Have you tried the program at Good Housekeeping where you can upload your photo and try different photos? It's free!


GE is me said...

I agree with what bitsy said. I, like you, can't stand my hair in my face & can't be bothered with it. I am totally into the low maintenance thing. Maybe talk to Jen & see if she has any suggestions. Tell her what you are looking for.

HRH said...

It looks like your hair is thick like mine so I would suggest cutting it shorter with some layers to lighten up your load. You will be surprised how much cooler and lighter you will feel. I like mine a bit longer then shoulder length so it can still be pulled back into a pony tail, but that it can be worn down easily too. It is a big step so maybe do it in stages! Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Photographic suggestions from a concerned individual.

Sandy said...

Hmmmm... To keep your man happy, it should stay shoulder length. To keep you happy (with kiddos) it needs to be able to go into a pony tail. How 'bout before you go down the layer road, get a nice simple crop just below the shoulders. (I keep seeing Farah Fawcett in my head when I think long wavy hair with layers). If you want to get trickier after -- you can cut layers into it. Plus, I'm guessing that your hair grows quickly, so it won't be too risky. :) -Sandy

Carrien said...

Send your pics to Whoorl's hair thursday

Or you could experiment with ponytail bangs, which would look oh so cute when you pull it up and cut down on the frizz halo, and a trim to lighten the load up a bit for summer, say to just below the shoulder blades? Still plenty of length but not so heavy.