Thursday, May 15, 2008

Why I Love Savers Thrift Store

Velvet jacket with gold sequin detailing: $3.99

Red corset: $6.99

Knee high leather boots with silver buckle: $9.99

Kickin' pirate outfit for the next homeschooling conference:


Still Fightin' the Frump with Fussy


It All Started With a Kiss said...

Ahoy, matey! I reckon ye look great!

Wendy said...

I love thrift stores, although I must work on my frump since I would have never picked up any of those items...except maybe the pirate costume!

Your blog is a lot of fun, you're a talented writer. I couldn't stop reading!

Sarah said...

I love thrift stores too but I need desperate help on knowing what to pick. Maybe I'll just start dressing like a pirate and then it won't matter what I wear -- I'll get stare anyway. Check out my FFF post on Fashion discernment.

Darla said...

WOW, those are some fun pieces!

Family O'Foxes said... will be the big hit at the next conference.


Valarie said...

Arrrrrggg, Ye did well Matey, on ye choices for a Pirate Outfit :)

Jessica said...

I want to send this to the mainstream media ASAP as proof that homeschool mamas are hot and have a sense of style, and humor.

Awesome threads and finds matey!

Alicia said...

Hawt mama! And I love your mother's day bling! Great posts, you cracked me up.