Monday, May 05, 2008

Taking to the Road

Things here are buzzing at Casa Diva. In two weeks time, we are taking off on a road trip to Oklahoma in a RV and we're all quite excited. Part of this trip is a desire to visit some relatives and being unable to fly seven of us out there (and no, the post office won't take the kids parcel post, but thanks for asking). The other reason is fulfilling part of the Bo Hunkmeister's dream of touring the U.S. in an RV. I think it makes a marriage stronger when the spouses can help each other to pursue their dreams. Wait 'til Bo finds out my dreams - here's a hint: lattes, books and foot rubs!

Anyway, preparing for such an undertaking takes a lot more planning than I thought. After all, I'll have five kids locked in a 6'x12' space for six hours a day. I've planned out meals and snacks, Bo has planned the stops and I've started to gather toys, books, treats, etc. Then I started thinking, just how much entertainment am I responsible for? I'm afraid my kids have gotten a little too dependent on someone entertaining them. I know this is happening because I get more "I'm bored" or "can I play a video game?" than not.

I'm going to try to write a daily log of our trip here. I'm doing this to keep the relatives informed ("Yes officer, we last heard from them here.") and to make the rest of you grateful you're not as insane as me. Or maybe not.

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GE is me said...

Actually, I'm envious of you. I said something about doing this type of thing to the hubs & he was like, Ummm, not only no, but h*** no! I really don't know where his sense of adventure is. (he doesn't even want to jump out of perfectly good airplanes w/me either!) That's okay, that's why I have friends like you, so I can live vicariously through them! :)
Are you taking a break from schooling? This could take up some of your time. Not your traditional schooling, but history type stuff; this happened here, etc.
You'll be missed.