Saturday, May 03, 2008


Bo Hunkmeister is away this weekend doing piratey things. Now I'm not one to fuss and whine about the hubby going off and leaving me to care for the kiddies by myself. After all, I birthed five of 'em, two via section, so I think I can handle the little critters. But its always wise to make sure the Big Guy upstairs has got your back so I asked my bible study group to keep me in their prayers this weekend. OBVIOUSLY, someone is not cooperating.

This morning, I asked the kiddos to keep an eye on baby while I made some cookies. I didn't want to just turn on the TV because good mommies don't just deposit their kids in front of the electronic baby sitter. That just rots their minds, right?

So, Princess Git Er Done had the great idea of putting Baby in his room and shutting the door (all praises to God that Baby has not learned to work a door knob....yet). Apparently, this did not please Baby. NOT FIVE MINUTES LATER, Princess G.E.D. checked on Baby and this is what she found.

Note the clothes strewn on the floor. Note the window shade pulled down on the bed. And that's not some Martha Stewart like fancy wall treatment, that's baby powder.

Note the open drawers. They used to be full of clothes (I believe the clothes on the floor in the above picture). Note how Baby evenly spread the powder on top of the dresser (boy got skills).

Note the abstract art on the walls. Yes, you guessed it, Baby got up on top of the dresser to spread powder on the walls.

Now some of you will remember that my girls did something similar when they were four and two. Realize that Baby did more damage by himself and in less time. When we first walked into the room, the air was so thick with baby powder that me and the remaining four kids could not breathe. But Baby was still dancing. This only proves my point that this kid is an alien.

Princess Buttercup, ever the optimist, tried to put a good spin on things (or get her Mom to stop muttering bad words under her breath) and said, "Well, he certainly keeps us on our toes doesn't he?" I replied, "Yes, he does." I was thinking, "My toes are !@#$% sore!!!"

But I still praise God because I had my other four who worked diligently with me for more than an hour to get the room clean. And nap time is in less than an hour. And I know someone out there will buy me a margarita, right?

Now excuse me, I'm going to turn on the TV and rot Baby's brain because there's a pint of Haagen Dazs in the freezer right now with my name on it.

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GE is me said...

You only told me you wanted a latte, not a margarita. Hope your afternoon went better. :)
Hugs, -G