Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day, part II

After having a wonderful breakfast in bed, served by the more wonderful Bo Hunkmeister, the children gathered to give me their Mother's Day presents.

My eldest boy: "Open the card first Mom."
Me: "Okay, son"
My eldest boy: "It's the thing sticking our of the bag, Mom."
Me: "Okay, son"
My eldest boy: "Right there on the side of the bag, Mom."
Me: "Okay, son" (did I mention the bag is only 5"x3"?)
Me: "I see the card, dear."

Princess Buttercup: "My gift is I want to take you out to lunch, Mom."
Me: "That's very sweet of you dear, but aren't you trying to save up for sports camp?"
Princess Buttercup: "Mother's Day is more important than sports camp, Mom."
Me: ~sniffle, sniffle, lump in throat~ "How very kind of you, but I'm just happy that you've managed to save up $26. When I was your age I was lucky if I managed to save a dollar."
Princess Buttercup: "Well, a dollar bought a lot more when you were a kid."
Me: "I'm not that old, darling."

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