Thursday, May 01, 2008

I am a Victim

I'm such a marketing victim.

Those suits on Madison Avenue (is that term still used?) must have chumps like me in mind when they create an ad campaign. For example, the movie Iron Man is opening soon so of course, Burger King has the merchandise tie in.

Now I like Iron Man. Besides a cool Ozzy Osborne song (are you shocked I know that?), I have fond memories of my brother trying to re-create the Iron Man costume for Halloween (sorry I had to out you there, Ken) (can you tell I love parentheses?) (it's because I have too much to say).

So here we are in Burger King and they have the happy meal display. I normally don't do happy meals because the frugal, homeschooling mother of five that I am, I am certain I can come out ahead if I order separate items and have the kiddies drink milk at home. But I see the Iron Man stuff. Action Figures! Sun Glasses! We're going on a road trip soon, we need cool new toys! Sunglasses, too! So I order five happy meals. And I end up with five cheap, lead infused pieces of plastic from China that lose their appeal in about two minutes ~sigh~

When will I learn?

1 comment:

JT said...

We have three of the five toys already, Dawn. Haven't seen the movie yet, though, too lazy and it's not for the kiddies just yet.