Thursday, May 01, 2008

Fighting the Homeschool Frump

Last weekend, Bo Hunkmeister and I went to a regional home schooling conference. I decided to have some fun with the stereo-type that all of us home schooling mommies run around in denim jumpers. So I wore my pleather pants. FYI - pleather is leather for those of us on a budget.
As an added incentive, there was a bet with a friend that if I wore them, I'd get a latte. I love caramel lattes. And my birthday is in May. (that's a hint to all you folks reading early in the morning!)

So here's a picture of me at the conference. I'm posing with my fellow attendee and Home Schooling Mom Extraordinaire Maria (holla back girl!). The reason I have the conference brochure in front of me is for proof that I was IN the conference and not just taking a picture at some random gathering. It was a bit difficult finding a shirt that made sense with the pants but didn't make me look tarty. I was willing to go up against some stereotypes however I didn't want to give those wonderful Mennonite folks a reason to pray too fervently. While hard to see, I had some lovely earrings to go with the outfit courtesy of Mrs. Fusspants. I'd like to say it was a coincidence that I won them just before the conference but I don't believe in coincidences. Is it blasphemous to think God condoned me wearing pleather? Of course what tied the whole thing together was the shoes. (You rock, Joy!)

However, while stylish, I have to say that, in hind sight, the denim jumper does makes sense for the following reasons:
1. it's comfy - after all, you're not wearing pants
2. it doesn't wrinkle - linen is stylish but the look is ruined the first time you sit down
3. it's eminently washable - those margarita stains come out after one wash!

In closing, I'd like to say home schooling is no longer just for crazed religious zealots any more and to those of you who owe me a latte (and you know who you are) pay up!


Darla said...

What a fun post! Thanks for the giggles!!!

Valarie said...

Very daring!

GE is me said...

to one of my bff's- you go girl!!!! what else can I say????? :)
Glad y'all had a great weekend.

Jane @ What About Mom? said...

I am so in awe of the Homeschoolers. Would love to do it, if only the thought of having my kids home all day for the next twenty million years did not set off hyperventilation.

So thanks for this humorous look at your homeschooling life (hilarious send-up of the denim jumper, which I used to wear to church)! Love the pleather pants! Jealous you got to go to a conference (ANY conference) and hang out with friendly grown-ups.