Monday, April 14, 2008

Stylin' in Roe Die-lin'

As I have mentioned, I have been lately spending waaaay too much time at Mrs. Fussypant's blog (Mom? Can we eat today? Mom? Baby's playing with knives again! Mom? You haven't moved from in front of the computer for three hours!) I entered the blog's Caption Contest and won a lovely pair of earring made by Mrs. Fussypants herself!

Do I look lovely or what? Not only do they look beautiful but they will go with the leather pants I was going to wear to the homeschooling conference in 2 weeks. All I need are some shoes. Any suggestions? They must be comfortable to walk around ALL DAY in. Don't suggest high heels of any sort because, after five kids, I'm done being a fashion victim. If you want a pair of equally fashionable earrings go here.

Honestly Fussy, not fuh nuthin', at a RISD Art Sale, these babies could go for $40. Easy.

By the way, taking a picture of yourself in the bathroom mirror is a lot harder than you think. Hubby had to take these for me. Please congratulate me on not resorting to Photoshop to take out the blemishes (my souvenir of a case of shingles).


Mrs. Fussypants said...

You look beautiful!

Leather pants for the Homeschooling conference?

I need pictures!

GE is me said...

Nice, Alli! As a fellow mom & good friend, they are stylin' hot! Let's just suffice it to say, I do believe Bo Hunkmeister appreciates them ;)


apken said...

-only $46 with free shipping!
check out the feed back

kenny g said...
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