Sunday, March 30, 2008

Your Mariah Moment

For all you just surfing by on the internet (and by the way, just how did you get here?), this post may or may not have any interest to you. Some of us lucky folk had the opportunity to go to school with someone famous. Some times this bit o'trivia plays into our lives, so I asked some friends from high school to share if it has.

There were some teenagers who lived across the street from me and they were at my house discussing their favorite singers. I'd had previously shown them my year book with dear M's picture (earnin' me some street cred). One of the girls then said to me,"My friend thinks Mariah is in her 30's but I told her no, Mariah's got to be older because Ms. Kerr went to school with her and Ms. Kerr is really old." --that's my story

My Mariah moment happens every so often at work. Someone will talk about the versatility of her voice or how she can be poppy, bluesy or torch in her style of singing that she must have been a real star in her high school chorus - I happily tell them that we are on the same page in the year book and that she was actually not in choir, but I was. My friend Hector's reaction was this "She got fame, fortune and all the body money can buy and you, well you got us." 'Nuf said. --Lisa
(remember Lisa, no amount of fame or fortune can buy you talented snarky friends)

I help coach two softball teams. One of the girls on the older team loves to sing. When she is out of school she is going to try for American Idol. My husband, Jorge, said that I knew Mariah, she screamed so loud it was crazy. She wouldn't believe it. I told her I went to school with Mariah and when we were younger she lived down the road from me. She screamed again asked if I saw her any more and then proceeded to call her best friend on the cell phone who also screamed. It was hilarious to see the way she acted.--Karin
(you should have run with it, "Yeah, M and I had coffee the other day.
She said fans who scream loudly make her nauseous.")

One of my college friends used to point me out at parties and say "See that guy--he did Mariah Carey". Of course, then they would actually look a little bit closer at me and no one ever believed him.--John
(you're a quality guy for not being crude about it.)

As a teacher of high school students I have occasionally played the "Mariah Card" but usually only after a student brings her up. They never believe me and I misplaced my yearbook sometime in the 90's but I still have the impressive middle school yearbook with a young Mariah picture for verification. Oh, and my little sister went to her concert at the Middle school.--Erika

My best story is, after hearing her on the radio for a few months after her first single hit, my sister Betsy called me and said "didn't this girl used to play at our house?" And it is sad, but true. --Brenda
(did you teach her to bake, too?)

My Mariah moment was in 1991-2 after I decided to travel the world to see new and different cultures, get away from the crass Americans, etc., etc., and in my first stop outside the U.S., - Hyvinkka, Finland, I think - I walked into the house past my host brother's room, and there was a HUGE poster of Mariah on the wall. So much for getting away from it all...--Christine

My memorable story is all about the response. I was living in St. Louis, Misery (alt. spelling Missouri) for several years and was talking with a friend I had met out there. We had been friends for a couple of years before the Mariah topic somehow came up one night. When I mentioned that I had gone to high school with Mariah he started with the typical response, "Really?", but quickly followed it with a much cooler response, "Do you know Sheila Egan?"

Turns out my friend had dated Sheila for a while in college. Not only was Sheila in our class, but she and I grew up across the street from each other. So really this is more of a small world story than a Mariah story. --Ken

I'll post more when they come in.
By the way, not as many people seem to care about going to school with Andi Pukke ( Anyone up for some treasure hunting in the Cook Islands? Or Nevis? Where is Nevis?


GE is me said...

Sheila Egan? would that be Sheila E? I am so not into pop culture anymore it is sad. Do I like to read the "people" headlines & other dirty rags, yeah, in the grocery store line, but really 10, 20, 30 years from now, who are you really going to remember? (remember? will I still have a memory then? do I have a memory now?) I remember the people who made an impression on my life, my 4th grade teacher, a pastor I had growing up, my BFF's who are too many to name.
I went to h.s. w/a guy who played NFL for the broncos, but was never a big name- don't even know what he's up to now.

Justin said...

Yeah, well I married this girl who went to the same high school as Mariah but this girl has got it all over Mariah. She's all that and a bag of chips! Peace out.

domesticgoddess said...

Oh Bo Hunkmeister, you rock baby!

GE is me said...

just a bag of chips??? Dude, if I was in your position, I'd say way more than a bag of chips. I mean really, she brines her chicken. She can put Martha to shame any day.