Thursday, March 20, 2008

Caption Contest

This is Baby

You might know him from

"Makin' Pies for Becky"
"Act Now! Limited Special Offer!"
"Go RVing!" (he was the one who terrorized the hamster)

Baby is God's loving way of helping me develop
a sense of humor
a greater appreciation for my other kids
a taste for martinis

But I digress.

The real point of this post is a Caption Contest. Send in your entries for a caption for this photo and you could win ....
(no, not Baby because no one would enter)

A Coffee Cake!

Now go be creative while Mommy has a drink


GE is me said...

What mom? This isn't where my butt is??? Well, it helped my headache anyway. :)

Okay, that's my caption. So I see after not being successful in getting a hold of the paste yesterday he did today. I'm sorry. :( I'm sure that was a treat to clean up!!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!! I'll make sure I bring a double latte in the am. :)

MaryEllen said...

Drat! Interrupted while applying my Joker makeup - again. My villainy must yet wait.

JT said...

"That was one big seagull!"

Justin said...

Doggonit! Halfway to my NEA grant and Mom had to interrupt me. Well, wait until she sees what the cat looks like...

shella said...

No witty caption..Justins gets my vote... But wanted to thank you for the giggle. I am greatful that "Baby" is yours and not mine! Hehe.
I will trade you 2 teenager for him tho. THey can cook when forced,shower themselves when reminded and will stay in shower for days unless th water runs dry. They can shovel snow and vacumm. But the energy to do so comes from VAST amounts of food...

What do ya say? Deal?

Bill said...

You mean this isn't mousse???

dee said...

"Mommy I swear I didn't touch the birthday cake."

Jeff, Judith, Lauren, Emily, Daniel, Amy, and Joel said...

Super Baby.....from clean to messy in 6 seconds flat!

GE is me said...

You rock, girlfriend- you are still winning the fussy contest! BTW- when are you going to pick a winner for yours? NO you can not keep the coffee cake for yourself. I say print all the responses - no names attached & then have someone like Elizabeth pick the winner.
Just my thought.