Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Love or Why do I hurt myself?

I don't know why I keep doing this. This insanity has got to stop. Yet every year its the same thing. The kids do some reading for the local library reading program. As a result, they earn a ticket for a free meal at Home Town or Old Country Buffet AND WE GO THERE AND EAT!!!! Why does this upset me? (bad language warning here) BECAUSE THE FOOD SUCKS!!!! It sucks out loud! It sucks in ways that are ineffable! How do the execs at this company sleep at night? I paid $11.00 for a buffet that included a steak that looked remarkably like a Payless faux leather shoe I threw out last week! They had the nerve to charge me $3.00 so my son could eat a 1/4 cup of instant mashed potatoes, a box mix cookie and call that a meal! I half expect to look in the kitchen and find piles of Stouffer's boxes on the floor with ex-cons chained to microwave ovens chanting "pull back plastic, heat for ten minutes, remove carefully and serve". Add this to the fact that everyone and their dog is walking around the buffet with their unwashed hands sniffing and snuffling (sneeze guard, my foot!). Just what is that mysterious smell by the ice cream machine!?!
But the children love it. They're so happy when I suggest we go. And why not? Where else can they have a carbohydrate extravaganza for dinner along with a dessert buffet? My one child ate a piece of bread, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese and one fish nugget (batter dipped, of course). The Department of Youth and Families should be storming my house about now yelling, "How about some nutrients with those sugars?" But again, the children love it and my short term memory fails me, so every year we go. Next year, please, for the love of all that's good and tasty, some one call me and tell me to stop the madness.


Gail said...

To my dear friend Dawn, aka Martha, jr. I will be happy to do this for you; however, because we do not live together I do not know your every move, or every time you go out to eat.
I believe you do this, because the kiddies have probably worked your last nerve that day & quite frankly it gets a bit old cooking dinner day in & day out. Not that we don't love taking care of our families.
So in the future if you'd like to call me & let me know, I'll be happy to remind you of this blog. :)
Your friend, -Gail

Barbara in California said...

GIve me enough lead time and I will call you for sure. My suggestion is doing some research on other options for the prize at the reading contest. Love, Mamala

JT said...

For us here in Maryland the equivalent is the "Personal Pan Pizza" certificate from Pizza Hut from the school's reading program. The oldest gets a buck's worth of pizza and three of us get dragged along.

Did I mention I really don't like Pizza the Hutt in general? Guess you figured that out.

BTW, we eat out a fair amount, and our kids are reasonably trained that they -have to have- vegetables along with their starches. And desserts have a rule of one piece/slice/small bowl, no exceptions.

I wouldn't be too hard on yourself, Dawn--like Gail said, it's a break for you all, even if it's an overpriced break. ;)

See you in August!