Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Good Reading

There hasn't been much to write about (that means nothing has gotten my ire up recently). However, I did recently read two very good books:

Not a Genuine Black Man: Or, How I Claimed My Piece of Ground in the Lily-White Suburbs
Not a Genuine Black Man: Or, How I Claimed My Piece of Ground in the Lily-White Suburbs by Brian Copeland
Very interesting book on race relations in California. I thought the West Coast was a little more progressive than us stodgey folks in New England but I guess stupidity can be a national past time. Made me laugh and cry all within one chapter.

Shockwave : Countdown to Hiroshima
Shockwave : Countdown to Hiroshima by Stephen Walker
Very interesting (notice a trend here?) book that documents the countdown to using the bomb. I thought is was a very evenhanded approach (nobody is the obvious villian/hero perhaps because this was written by an Englishman). Its amazing how decisions are made regarding people's lives.

I know I mentioned "To Hell With That: Loving and Loathing Our Inner Housewife" by Caitlin Flanagan in a previous blog but the interview with the author in World magazine turned out to be more interesting than the book itself. Although I did like the line about family dinners neccessitating a family who is unambitious enough to be all hanging around the house at 5:30 pm every day.

Right now on the old side table by the bed is a book on the history of the Pill and "The Mommy Brain: How Motherhood Makes Us Smarter" by Katherine Ellison. I thought I'd let the two books duke it out.

Any one of the above books are available at your local library, one of my favorite places. I swear if they served coffee there, I'd never leave.

Feel free to leave some book recommendations of your own.