Monday, August 14, 2006

A Lesson from a Body Function

So I'm nursing my two month old baby John when he pulls back and flashes one of those smiles. All you Moms know the smile I'm talking about. The one that makes you forgive the baby of everything he's done today, tomorrow and up to when he's 18 (perhaps further if its a really big grin). "This is why I'm a stay at home mom," I say to myself (proudly, which is perhaps the problem),"Why, if I were working I'd miss this precious little smile. Its smiles like this that make it worth being a stay at home mom" Then John passes wind and fills his diaper (he's still smiling, mind you). And that little toot makes me realize that its not about me, its about what the baby needs. I shouldn't stay home with the kids so I can get these cute little moments but because its what's best for them right now.


-G said...

Ahh, your last sentence says it all. However, being a stay at home mom gives you that advantage of being able to see those smiles & yes, it does make it all worth it. Consider it one of the fringe benefits of the job. (and stop being so hard on yourself.)
p.s. did we do a good job @ not husband bashing???

Anonymous said...

I agree with G...its all about doing the right thing but the smiles are a huge fringe benefit that makes some of us "go-to-work dads" jealous. There are times I wish I could stay at home...not because I am obtuse enough to underestimate your role...but because non-nursing dads know those smiles too. Somehow an email atta-boy doesnt give quite the same satisfaction as getting tackled by your kids. On the other hand, I can just delete a crappy email...a crappy diaper isn't that easy.

Obviously, vacation withdrawal has made me maudlin....

PS Thanks for the hospitality last week. We had a great time and my kids are still raving about the fun they had with yours.