Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Finally, A Post!

Wow, close to four months since I last posted. There's probably cobwebs on my site.
I have not been inspired to write on any particular subject so I'll just do one of those insipid "random thoughts" kind of posts (there's a columnist in my local paper who monthly does one of these and gets paid for it!!!!)

Anyway, here goes
1. What have I been up to that I haven't posted in so long?
Playing Spider Solitaire until my eyes bleed!
Seriously, I gave birth to our fifth child on May 22nd (for all you groupies, that's five days past the end of Holy Week). I went to the hospital for a routine test and was told I was in labor. Good thing I got that iced latte before the appointment! John Owen was born via c-section (with enough time for the ob/gyn to make it to his Red Sox game!). Let me tell you what a surreal experience that is, being cut open while still conscious. The little slugger weighed 9lbs, 12oz. I'm hoping for an NFL scholarship for the kid.

2. Bad Mommy Award goes to....
Me! for letting my kid get so tired that he fell asleep with half an ice cream sandwich melting under his leg.

3. Pleeeaase, make them stop!!!
All those people who feel the need to say
"Are they all yours?"
"You must have your hands full" and my personal favorite
"I can hardly handle the two I've got"
I'm doing this to save the Social Security fund! I'm doing this to off set the population implosion in Italy, Germany and well, pretty much most of the world except Ireland (must be the Guiness...)

4. A book I'm dying to read
"To Hell With That: Loving and Loathing Our Inner Housewife" by Caitlin Flanagan. Just the title alone makes me want to skip over to Check out this little tidbit of inflamatory writing (from an interview in World Magazine, July 18, 2006)

"...remember that the women's movement was built on a powerful notion of liberation-liberation from unjust laws, from unfair customs and expectations. The movement achieved powerful aims quickly...What has lingered, though, is a sense that women are still being oppressed and that they have to be on guard all the time. You end up with these crazy arrangements-the wife decides to stay home with the children, but she's darned if she's going to clean, or cook, or do the laundry. She's been liberated from those horrible chores! And the poor husband who works all day to support the family comes home to no dinner, no orderly household, and a cheesed off wife who hands him a cranky baby and complains about her day."

Now ladies, before y'all start sending me death threats, I am by no means saying we should be Stepford wives. However, but the above comment does make me think, how much do I complain about my day and more importantly, I am legitimately trying to find help or just complaining? "Better to live out in the desert than with a nagging, complaining wife." Pro 21:19 (MSG)

5. On a less Preachy note
High mucky muck Vladimir Putin got some bad PR as of late for giving some kid a raspberry on the belly. From Vlad the Impaler to Vlad the Raspberrier. Is this the kinder, gentler Russia? (yes, I know Vlad the Impaler was Romanian) Now Mr. Putin's defense of his actions was that the kid looked too serious and Vlad just wanted to pick him up and "cuddle him like a kitten". Not that I think what he did was outrageous, but Putin doesn't really strike me as a kitten and puppies type of guy. Wasn't Putin formerly of the KGB? Am I to believe this former master of espionage just needs a cuddle every now and then?

Well, that's enough mindless blathering for now. Thanks for stopping by!