Thursday, March 30, 2006

Can't Help Myself Any Longer

Yesterday I was in the midwife's office and I overheard yet another conversation regarding raising boys versus raising girls (mind you, I was not eaves dropping as these ladies were seated right next to me). Its seems our society has bought into the lie that it is harder to raise girls rather than boys. The usual reasons given are that girls are whinier than boys, more emotional and just generally more difficult. While I realize I'm still in the early years of child rearing, I really feel the need to say a few things about this line of thinking:

1. ALL children are a challenge to raise, girls or boys. Hear me? ALL CHILDREN
2. Where the !@#$ are the feminists to rebuke this reasoning, this somewhat baseless, subjective attack on girls?
3. What blows my mind is that the people usually saying girls are whinier are the women, and quite frequently in front of their daughters. Don't these women remember that they were once girls, or were they the non-whiney, compliant types? Do they not think comments like this affect the girls standing right next to them?

Which brings me to my final comment (advice which I often need to follow as well)
For the love of all that's good, if you can't say something nice about your kids in public-SHUT UP! Stuff it! Pretend you suddenly lost the ability to speak!

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