Saturday, December 10, 2005


Since becoming a homemaker and mother, I've had to suffer the slings and arrows of many a critic who doesn't understand what a burden it is to be a domestic goddess. Most folks figure they can change the world on their own. I say, why not send out an army? My five little soldiers are more likely to rule the world someday than a lone dictator!

I hope this blog will enlighten those who think that being "just a mom" is some sort of scarlet letter. In fact, it is the most noble (and exhausting) thing one could pursue in life.

Thanks for stopping by!


your husband said...

You're the best, baby!

deShellMode said...

Thank the hubby for sharing your wit with us! We are not worthy!But we will read anyway.
Waiting for the "Raven and Bo move behind the Mason Dixion line" Saga to be told!
With baited breath...Shell

Anonymous said...

You are fantastic. After spending time with you over Thanksgiving, I knew there had to be a way for me to study under you. This is a great way to propagate yourself (is that a word?) you really are THE domestic goddess.

Digitally Obsessed Mom said...

HI Dawn!

Very cool site- my compliments to your husband!

wqb said...

well, well, well - I seem to have lost track of your progeny. Please send pics to old high school chum (the initials should give you a clue) My only worry with home schooling is that there is now a new generation molded in your mind's image - the terror, the anarchy, the antacids...Your husband must be a patient man with a great sense of humor. When in NY visit with your old pal.

JT said...

Hi Alba! It's nice to see a blog that I am interested in reading. After all these years you're really just continuing the "thought for the day" books. :)

Since I share many of your current interests I look forward to your blog.