Monday, December 19, 2005

Oh my goodness

Y'all have really flattered me with your warm and encouraging responses to my blog. I am humbled. As a matter of fact, downright speechless (it is possible, sometimes). For those of you who responded "you're scaring me", well, the fun is just beginning. However, now I'm intimidated and befuddled. How does one be witty on demand? I don't make up these amusing events in my life, they just happen and right now, I'm getting no material (maybe I should wake the kids up from that four hour nap). I also don't know how to write: to just muse on some subjects, to inform/educate/to rant? Do I write to acquaintances? or to the larger public? Do I keep in mind that Mom is reading this and might blush or do I go for it (no chanting "go for it!")?

So I leave you with some ramdom thoughts until I get the hang of this blog thing.
1. Any husband who brings home a slice of chocolate mousse cake for his pregnant wife deserves to be sainted (warning-get use to me gushing about the hubby because, yes, he is that good)
2. Those kiosks in the middle of the aisle in a deparment store that are jammed with "gifts for under $10" should be outlawed. They make the aisle smaller, no one really needs that stuff and it all goes on sale for $3.00 the day after Christmas anyway.
3. There's a lot of "remember the reason for the season" stuff going on out there. Yes, we know Jesus is the reason and our salvation is a wonderful gift, but let's take that down to a practical level. Because I know God through Jesus

  • Nothing is random and inconsequential any more (i.e. why the heck do they behave like that?!?)
  • There will always be someone who is patient and loves my kids/spouse on days that I can't/won't.
  • I'm not soley responsible for someone's happiness
  • I'm now friends with the creator of the universe!
  • When I've completely blown it with everyone on a given day, God still likes me
  • When things are going to hell in a hand basket (and are taking the appliances with them) I know someone bigger that me is in charge (and I don't mean girth)
  • Coincidence makes sense
Pretty good gifts, eh?

Ok, enough preaching for now. If you want to actually read more, send for the book, only $19.95 on Amazon!

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